Residential security grilles

Residential Security Grilles and the Holiday Season

The closer we get to the Christmas season the more we think about going away and spending extended periods of time away from home. We pleasantly think of going away, spending quality times with relatives and loved ones. The last thing on our mind is a potential burglary during this season. Difficult to even imagine some people actually lurking around looking for potential homes to burgle.

If however we take a good look from a rational point of view, we can be fast to admit that yes there is every chance. Longer, darker nights, the economic and financial uncertainty that Covid keep bringing on and on to society, with all its repercussions. Finally, many families to spend longer times away during these weeks and days.

Residential Security Grilles – the Best Investment

We always say that it is simply not worth the risk. Residential security grilles are an investment that has been the proven most effective deterrent against any burglary. Expandable security grilles are not only aesthetically neat, but actually work in two ways.

Residential security grilles
Residential security grilles

Firstly, the look of professionally fitted window or door security grilles in most cases will simply deter a potential intruder from even choosing that home.

Secondly, these expandable security grilles are so sturdy, they also provide a physical barrier. It’s simply not worth the risk for an intruder to start breaking, and risking to get caught by wasting too much time, making too much noise.

Tried and Tested

Our internal security shutters have also been put through rigorous attack tests, by an independent organisation. We are therefore proud to state that our sliding security grilles also provide the highest standards of security. Safeguard Security have done this by the design itself as well as by the materials that we use.

We simply cannot emphasise enough how important it is to revisit every home’s security measures regularly to prevent any trouble. Especially when leaving a home for extended periods of time during the holiday season.

We wish everyone a happy and relaxed Christmas season – but as always, stay safe !

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