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Safeguard retractable security grilles have a modular design allowing the customer to choose the level of security and other options within the budget available.


Safeguard security grilles are suitable for both commercial and domestic installations depending on the construction of the building. They have been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, while offering optimal window and door security. As well as looking good, they are very easy to use and maintain.

Locking Profile
Housing either our standard Cam-Lock or high security Multi-Lock. Overlapping for additional security against forced entry.

Aluminium or steel (attack tested grille), 1.5 mm gauge, double channel.

Lattice Decks
Aluminium or steel (attack tested grille), 3.0mm gauge, round edge flat section. 1-4 rows depending on height of grille.

Top and Bottom Track
Standard with Low-Profile and Lift-Out options. Attach to maintenance free runners.

High Quality Finish and Doesn't Rust
All grilles are finished with a white polyester coating over rust proof primer for maximum durability and deterrent visibility.

One Finger Operation
Very smooth operation, our grilles slide with one finger.

Easy to Clean and Low Maintenance
The simple design of our grilles means that there are no nooks and crannies for dirt to accumulate. An occasional wipe with furniture polish is all that is needed. The only maintenance required is keeping the bottom track clean.



Our standard locking system, comprising two cam-locks positioned towards the top and bottom of the grille and that are locked individually using separate keys.

  • Two radial pin tumbler locks
  • Housed in overlapping profile to resist attack
  • Very slim profile that takes up minimal room when grille is open and drawn back
  • 125,000 different key combinations – unique key number in your post code
  • Keys suited (same key number) for multiple grilles in your property


Designed by Safeguard Security in 2012, this high security lock has been attack tested in an independent test facility.

  • High security radial pin tumbler lock
  • No cylinder – cannot be snapped or picked
  • Multiple locking positions depending on the height of the grille (3 or 4 on a door)
  • Used in our attack tested grille
  • 500,000 different key combinations – unique key number in your post code
  • Easy to use - single key operation
  • Easy to use - large green key fob on face of grille
  • Keys suited (same key number) for multiple grilles in your property


There are three basic options depending on the make-up of the window or door.


Grille locks in middle and opens to the left and right (double sash).


Grille locks on the left and opens to the right.


Grille locks on the right and opens to the left.



Suitable for most outward opening windows and doors.

  • Aluminium section - 30mm high x 45mm wide
  • Unique, attack tested, arrowhead design
  • Attaches to our attack tested, clip-on runners
  • No wheels - cannot be pulled off the track
  • No wheels – weight taken by bottom track so fixings can’t give way
  • No wheels - no maintenance required and easy to clean

low Profile

Used mainly for doors where standard track could be a tripping hazard or if a less obtrusive track is required.

  • Aluminium section - 15mm high x 42mm wide
  • Half the height of our standard track
  • Attaches to our specially designed block and pin
  • No wheels - cannot be pulled off the track


For use where any track would be a tripping hazard or for inward opening doors where the door would hit the track. For example, while wheelchairs can be driven over our Low-Profile track, our completely removable Lift-Out track may be a better solution.

  • Uses Low-Profile track
  • Attaches to 38mm high x 64mm wide Aluminium U channel at either end
  • Lightweight and easy to remove


The two main fixing options are recess or face fixing. Face fixing is generally only used where there is insufficient recess (allowing for handles etc) or when windows or doors open inwards.

Recess fitted
Face fixed