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1. How Many Grilles?

How Many Grilles do you Require?Please decide how many security grilles you are likely to purchase. This would normally be all the windows and doors you consider to be vulnerable to attack by a potential intruder. Usually these would be those that are easily accessible and least overlooked. The vast majority of burglars are looking for a quick entry and exit, without being seen or disturbed. Generally ground floor windows and doors at the back and sides of the property are targeted. Patio and French doors are particularly at risk because it is easier to get your possessions out of these, rather than clambering out of a window. In addition any windows or doors that are easily accessible on upper floors, such as over a flat roof or on a fire escape, should be considered.

Retractable security grilles are also used when windows and doors are regularly left open for ventilation purposes, especially in hot weather or for medical reasons.

Once you have input all your sizes you can always remove grilles if total cost is over your budget.

2. Sizes and Options

Sizes and OptionsPlease measure all windows and doors that you would like to purchase grilles for – please see our Measuring Guide.

The height of each window or door is taken from the window sill or floor to the underside of the recess/reveal and the width from wall to wall within the recess/reveal. The measurements should be as accurate as possible, especially the height, as explained in our Measuring Guide.

You then need to decide whether you want the grille to lock on the left, right or in the middle. If the grille locks in the middle the stack back will be on both sides, which may be better if you want to conceal the grille behind the curtains when not in use. Please see our Gallery.

Our standard locking mechanism is two individual Cam Locks (usually at the top and bottom of the grille) If you are looking for a higher level of security then opt for the attack tested Multi-Lock. This offers multi-point locking with a single, easy to use key. Please see our Features & Options Page.

We also provide the option of purchasing two fixing kits for easier and more secure installation.

3. Delivery Details

Delivery DetailsPlease input your delivery address and invoice address in different. You will be given a lead time once payment has been made. Lead times vary dependant on location and number of grilles ordered, but are normally around 5 working days. Remember our grilles come direct from our factory and are installed at affordable, ex-factory prices.

If you require a Saturday delivery, this will incur an additional charge of £40.


4. Payment

PaymentSecure payment is via Paypal itself or widely recognised Debit and Credit Cards through the Paypal Service.

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