Security shutters for windows

It is now widely accepted by the crime prevention officers and the insurance industry that the only way to stop domestic burglaries is to physically protect your windows. Safeguard Security puts at your disposal a range of security shutters for windows, whether you need them for your home or your business.

Our window security shutters are expertly designed to offer a maximum level of safety, without compromising the aesthetic appearance of your property. These shutters are fixed in all four corners, so they form a continuous frame for added protection against forced entry. In this way, you can sleep with your window wide open without the fear of intruders.

Speaking about aesthetics, you can rest assured that there won’t be any ugly boxes and frames on the outside of your property; when not in use, you can just stack these security shutters back behind the curtains and enjoy the natural light.

OFFICE SHUTTERSWhat is more, the unobtrusive design of our products meets the demands of the owners who need planning permission for their properties. Plus, these security window shutters require no additional costs: they do not require maintenance or monitoring, as alarms or other systems usually need.

Safeguard Security shutters are finished with a white polyester coating over rust proof primer for maximum durability and deterrent visibility. Even more, they have a modular design, allowing the customer to choose the level of security within the budget available.

Our products are all made to measure and delivered directly to your doorstep. You can install them yourself or, if you would prefer professional installation, we can offer a high-quality fitting service.


What do you have to do?

  • measure the size of your windows;
  • insert your dimensions and requirements in our online form;
  • choose your lock type;
  • choose your lock position;
  • tell us where to deliver.

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