Burglary prevention with Security Grilles

Sliding Security Grilles – The Most Effective Burglary Prevention

A home burglary or even an office burglary can feel as one of the most personal crimes. Knowing that an intruder trespassed and ransacked our personal belongings will send chills down anyone’s back. In a recent interview safe.co.uk spoke to ex-burglars about how they tend to pick their next potential house or business to break into, and also what repels them. We will also look at the most effective burglary prevention option, and role that sliding security grilles play in burglars minds.

Burglars Return to the Same Houses

One insight that may sound surprising from this interview is that burglars have a tendency of returning to the same houses in many cases. Breaking into the same property works for them because they already know the layout of the house. Therefore they can be more direct in their approach next time, knowing what to look for and where to look more quickly and efficiently.

It is also worth for burglars to return because they know, the stuff that have been stolen is likely to get replaced very soon with often better quality items, by the victims. It is therefore highly recommended to put extra security measures in place – ideally before – but certainly once a burglary took place.

In the interview ex-burglars talked about factors such as having a dog, CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, or outside security lighting are all useful forms of security upgrades. Those may or may not help deter them from trying to enter a home. Some of these measures can put them off, but not always.

Roller shutters are not ideal, especially in the domestic market. This is due to the fact they are externally fixed which can be removed prior to breaking the glass and entering the property with ease. When they are down it flags the fact that the property is more than likely empty too.

Bay window security grilles
Bay Window Security Grilles

Effective Burglary Prevention with Security Grilles

From over 25 years of experience in working in the security industry, we find that the only way to actually stop any potential burglar entering a property is installing a physical barrier. The sight of professionally installed sliding security grilles will most certainly not only deter any attempt, but also physically stop it.

Safeguard Security sliding grilles are simple to operate, look elegant and when locked, give the protection needed. When the security grilles are on the locked position, they do not give the potential burglar any idea whether the property is occupied or empty. As we always say, the best time to install retractable security grilles is of course before any burglary. However the second best time is straight after.