Expanding Safety Barriers by our new company

We are delighted to announce our new company’s website: https://www.expandingsafetybarriers.co.uk.

Our new expanding trackless barriers can be deployed both indoors or used as external barriers for closing off or partitioning any specific areas. It is a high security, and lockable solution in a wide ranging locations and situations such as crowd control, utilising it as factory roller doors, or marking access ways, corridors, out of bounds or hazardous areas.  Trackless safety barriers can be ideal solution to use in schools, festival settings, constructions sites, hospitals, surgeries, retail, offices, showrooms, factories, airports, or any other public buildings.

Expanding Safety Barriers

The most obvious difference is that whilst our conventional collapsible security grilles move along a fixed track, the expanding safety barriers roll on wheels, and therefore they are portable, and very easy to deploy. They can be used as free standing but can also be fixed at either end, and locked into position when a lockable solution is required. 

Our expanding safety barriers are also made to measure so perfect sizing is guaranteed. They are also very neat and take up very little space when drawn back.

Please visit our website https://www.expandingsafetybarriers.co.uk for more info, details and price!