Window grilles

Do Window Grilles Add Security?

Window grilles add security in two ways. First, they add a further layer of physical barrier that is very difficult for intruders to break in. Secondly, a property with window grilles on will most likely deter burglars from even choosing that property. 

Trying to break into a property with window grilles on, is simply too difficult to do without making a lot of noise. Burglars do not want to risk getting caught fiddling with window or door locks. They aim to find doors and windows with quick and simple locks on, easy to break in. Hence window security grilles would be their last choice to attempt to break. 

window security grilles
window security grilles

Durable Window Grilles

Sliding security grilles are made of durable aluminium. Therefore window grilles are not only the most sturdy but also the most effective security solution to prevent burglaries. They physically stop burglars from entering a property even if they break the glass. 

Design Feature of a Property

Even though window grilles provide a very sturdy layer of added protection, they are still unobtrusive. They can be retracted and discretely kept out of sight when not in use. Even when they are deployed, they are elegant looking and discreet in appearance.

Retractable window grilles lend a secure, professional look and positive impression to the property. Thus raising the aesthetic appeal of a property. Many agree that window grilles in fact add an extra design element to the look of their property.

So the short answer to the question whether window grilles add security to a property is indeed indeed yes. They do this in two different ways. Firstly by physically strengthening the potential entry points on a property. Secondly, window grilles also act as a mental barrier in burglars minds. Intruders tend to skip window grilled houses in the first place, and simply go for easier ones to break in.

Finally, apart from security considerations, window grilles also elevate the look of a property aesthetically.