What is the best way to burglar proof windows?

Locked windows and doors are not enough unfortunately to prevent break ins. Standard locks are too easy to break these days. They certainly won’t prevent burglars from trying to enter a property if they want to. Burglars are well familiar with the types of locks. Unfortunately it doesn’t take them long to force their way in quickly without getting noticed. Therefore we recommend additional layers of security to deter a burglar from choosing a particular property. 

window security grilles
window security grilles

Sturdy Security Grilles

One of the most straightforward, and affordable ways to burglar proof windows is to install security grilles.  The most effective solution to burglar proof windows of private or commercial properties are installing metal bars. Aluminium security grilles are virtually impossible to cut through without heavy duty power tools. And those tools make a lot of noise.  Needless to say, making noise is something burglars will try to avoid at all costs. Such a noisy process to cut through metal bars is therefore virtually impossible regardless if it’s daytime or night.

Inexpensive Solution

Security grilles are very reasonably priced options, compared to other security measures. They are a one off investment, unlike some of the monthly roll on subscription options. Additionally, security grilles  will last for decades once installed. If we compare to the financial damage that could be caused by a potential burglary, the price of securing windows and doors are insignificant.

Light Weight and Unobtrusive

Considering the difference in security that metal bars provide for occupants inside, they are surprisingly light weight and easy to operate. Their presence is sufficient to deter burglars. Yet, aluminium security grilles are also quite discreet and sophisticated in terms of design. Some even argue that they add a certain design element to a property on top of the sense of security that they also embody.

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