Window Grilles

Do window grilles deter burglars?

Winter months are all about celebrating love, and spending time with friends and family. However, they also involve long, cold, dark nights, and empty homes and offices for prolonged periods of time. Needless to say the latter factors are burglar’s best friends. When it comes to the wits and skills of intruders, not a lot of security measures can withstand their dexterity.

Let’s look at how window grilles work to deter burglaries.

Window Grilles

Window grilles add security

Out of all security measures window grilles have proven to remain the most effective solution to deter burglars and prevent burglaries. Window grilles raise a physical barrier for intruders. Therefore significantly hindering any attempt to break in. Window grilles simply make it too difficult, noisy and risky for robbers to try to break them. Burglars need to be quick in and out when trying to enter a home. Seeing security window grilles on a property will simply deter them from even choosing that property to break in. It is very difficult to break a window security grill without risking getting caught. 

Retractable Grilles

Window security grilles are a system of expandable security bars. They can be deployed or discretely hidden away as and when they are required. Expanding security grilles are made of durable aluminium that doesn’t rust. Aluminium grilles are not only difficult to break, but they also last for decades. Window grilles are lightweight and smooth to operate. They simply slide in and out with just a push of a finger.

Window grilles even add a decorative factor to a property. They are custom made, with aesthetics in mind, to match the outlook of a property. Many people say that they look aesthetically pleasing. Window grilles add a professional look and design element, without being obtrusive on a house or commercial property.