Window and Door Security Grilles in an Ever Changing Environment

The more we leave 2020 behind, and we get into the thick of 2021, the clearer it may seem that this global pandemic is not going to simply disappear from our lives any time soon. It has affected so many aspects of our lives, we had no other choice but to adapt – and to adapt fast.

Door Security Grilles
Flag Window Door Security Grilles

We, at Safeguard Security have also quickly learned that to be able to adapt promptly and efficiently, is an absolute necessity these days in order to be able to stay in business. We constantly keep an eye on the latest crime rates, try to stay ahead of burglars’ wit, and look out for our customers changing needs, and adapt our ways accordingly, when the need arises. Such rapidly evolving environment have become even more obvious during the pandemic, with Covid 19 case numbers, and consequently government regulations keep changing on a weekly basis.

Easiest Self-Installation Security Grilles on the Market

With the rising numbers of Covid 19 cases currently, one of the best ways we can make sure we continue to provide window and door grilles to our customers, without risking anyone’s health, is our self-installation grilles. The supply only side of our business has always been fairly strong, but now, it only seems sensible to revisit the perks of our self-installation security grilles.

Security Grilles made to order
Security Grilles made to order

Firstly, it is such a simple and straightforward process. Secondly, by manufacturing the security grilles ourselves, we can not only guarantee the best prices on the market, but also the neatest and easiest solutions, when it comes to self installation, thanks to over 25 years of experience in the industry. Thirdly, under the current circumstances, and with the increasing demand on self-installation security grilles, we are proud to say that we work on a quick turn around, and cover the whole of UK.

Self-installation Security Grilles
Self Installation Security Grilles in the making

As a nation-wide market leader in the security grilles manufacturing industry, we think the security needs of our customers – even under the tightest of regulations currently – is still of the utmost importance, and it is not something we are prepared to compromise on. Therefore we continue to do what we do best, and happily provide quick, hassle free, and neat security grilles at the best price, whilst also protecting our customers as well as our employees health during these difficult times.