What are Security Grilles?

Security grilles are made to measure metal grilles that can be installed for doors as well as for windows as an added layer of security to protect a property against burglary. Extendable grilles most often are retractable and not fixed, therefore do not hinder escape routes in an emergency.

Security bars come in a variety of shapes, finishes and materials. They can be made of steel, or aluminium, and most often they come in a diamond shape pattern. Sometimes even a more curvy ‘S’ shape design.

Efficient and Aesthetically Pleasing

Security grilles are aesthetically unobtrusive, elegant and professional looking security measures. They are arguably also the most effective solutions as opposed to security cameras, or roller shutters, etc.

Window and door security grilles are so efficient for two reasons. Whilst not only deter any intruders from even considering to break in. Security grilles also pose a physical barrier that makes it very difficult to break in without getting noticed. 

Extendable Security Grilles can be all manually operated very easily. They slide out and retract smoothly, and can be locked with a simple key. Security grilles have no electric parts to them, and therefore require minimal maintenance. This includes simply to keep them clean, and lubricate them with oil sometimes such as WD-40.

The retracted position takes up very minimal space, and can be easily hidden behind curtains when not in use. 

Security Grilles
Security Grilles

Other advantages of security grilles as opposed to roller shutters for example, is that sliding security grilles allow free flow of air. Therefore they provide safe ventilation any time of the day. Sleeping with open windows on summer nights is not a problem with expandable security grilles. In the same vein, they also allow light to come into the room without any restriction. 

Security grilles are arguably the most efficient, as well as cost efficient security measures that can be added to a private, public or commercial property.