Security Grilles against Asian Gold Theft

Security Grilles Preventing Asian Gold Theft

Working in the security industry unfortunately we see a lot of burgled homes. As sad this is, it also provides us with invaluable insights into burglaries, tendencies, techniques, etc. This also reinforces our knowledge and experience that we also know from the statistics. Asian gold theft has become increasingly prominent in recent years unfortunately. This prompted us to discuss the case of burglaries targeting specifically Asian Gold. 

It is no surprise that crime rates, and burglaries tend to rise in times of uncertainly. Whilst the UK economy is trying to recover from the Covid crisis, the energy crisis, and the Ukraine war does not help in stabilising the economic scene. The rise of gold prices are another factor that is closely linked of course. 

Asian Gold Theft

Premium quality gold jewelleries are passed down generations in Asian families. They are often bought as wedding gifts for the newly wed couples. This puts Asian families into a particularly high risk category of targeted homes. So much so that Asian gold theft has become a more and more talked about and investigated phenomenon in the police and crime prevention bodies. It has come to form a separate category of crime.

Security Grilles in Asian Homes

On the one hand the police is doing their best to target organised gangs specialising in asian gold thefts. It is however also extremely important to think about our own responsibilities in how to store valuable jewelleries at home.

Instead of just using a safe for the valuable items, our more preferred option is protecting the entire home, and preventing anyone from intruding in the first place. Security grilles not only protect a home from burglary as a physical barrier. They also play an important role in deterring burglars from selecting that particular home. 

Window Security Grilles
Window Security Grilles

Sliding security grilles are made of durable aluminium, bespoke to each window, door, or patio door. They look professional and unobtrusive on any home, and require virtually no maintenance.

Expanding security grilles are very easy to operate, they slide smoothly with just one finger, and can be drawn back when not required. Most importantly however, residential security grilles will deter, prevent and stop any intruder, so homeowners can sleep safe in their homes.