Security Grilles for Windows and Doors

How Can Security Grilles Help

Some of the main reasons burglars target a particular home are actually surprisingly quite simple. We ave seen many burgled homes, and working in the security industry for over 2 decades. We are quite lucky to have gained an insight into burglars’ minds.

Garden gates without adequately strong locks in place, windows without bolts, or cheap lock that are simple to break are amongst the leading reasons why a home might fall victim to a burglary.  Even letter boxes can be high risk factors on homes where the door has a thumb-turn lock on. They do not require actual keys to open it. Intruders can reach through the letter box and simply open the lock. 

Robust Physical Barriers

Security grilles for doors and windows solve most of these problems, by significantly increasing the level of difficulty getting into a home. By having to gain entry through an additional layer of security most often puts burglars off from choosing that property in the first place.

French Door Security Grille
French Door Security Grille

Retracting security grilles also increase the robustness of each entry point, regardless of how weak a lock might be. If there is an additional high security physical barrier in the way, a burglar is not likely to even try to outsmart the owners. There is not much he can do without making disproportionately loud noise. 

High quality retractable security grilles are made of durable aluminium. That is not only rust proof, but also very light weight. Security grilles are also among the most cost effective security solutions as opposed to cameras for example. The latter don’t actually stop a burglary from gaining entry to a property.

Our security grilles for windows and doors are neat looking, stylish, and virtually maintenance free. They also come with a 5 year warranty with our premium fitting service. We try to eliminate any doubt about the quality or efficacy of our sliding security grilles.