Security Grilles – Ever More Important During Lockdown

2020 has brought a lot of unexpected turns, and bizarre outlook for the world. It will certainly be a year to remember, and for many, not in a positive sense either unfortunately. Amongst the mayhem of the pandemic, and economic uncertainty, however, is it time that we revisit some key security considerations? In this blog article, we have gathered 4 aspects to remember during this season, and highlight why it is ever more relevant to reconsider the safety options of homes and businesses now.

Darker and Longer Nights

Although, dark nights are always considered a threat, it is that time of the year when the darkness sets in early already, and yet the dark hours are still increasing by 3 minutes every day, giving more opportunity for unwanted visitors to move around, plan under the radar, and take their chance when least expected. We do not believe in scaremongering, but being prudent, and well informed of the potential risks and threats is always the first step in preventing any unnecessary loss and damage. Our security grilles have been attack tested in an independent test facility, so they not only tend to deter any attempt of burglary in the first place, once an intruder sees them in place, but is also a robust system, that makes burglars job very very difficult, should they decide to still try their luck. We do not compromise on home and commercial security.

Family Visits and Christmas Breaks

Newly installed security grilles
Newly installed security grilles

Whilst most people are looking forward to their well deserved holidays, and precious times with their families, intruders look at these times very differently. It is no secret that the festive season is all about going away, creating memories, and letting our guards down. Even this year – depending on the latest government guidelines for Christmas – some family homes, and certainly many businesses are likely to be left unattended for shorter or longer periods of time. So whilst the year 2020 has brought many exemptions from our usual routines, this year should be no exception from vigorous safety considerations, when leaving homes and businesses behind.

Economic Uncertainty

Amongst the many negative consequences of this pandemic, one important and tragic outcome is the financial uncertainty, that is brought on by layoffs, loss of opportunities, bankruptcies, and struggling industries. Such times, often see an increase in burglaries inevitably. It is therefore ever more important to keep our valuables safe and unattractive against potential threats.

Manufacturing Still Continues – Security Grilles made in Coventry

Security grilles manufacturing continues
Security grilles manufacturing continues

On a more positive side, we were delighted that the latest government guidelines allowed, and encouraged UK manufacturing to continue, which we have done, industriously. These times not only allow families and businesses to refurbish their spaces, but it also seems an ever more relevant time to reconsider their security arrangements.

Security grilles made to order
Security grilles made to order

We have been a UK manufacturer of security grilles for over 25 years and have stood for the ultimate safety and prevention during this time. It is however these times that we are not only grateful for that we are still in business, but also for that we do what we do.

Security Grilles in progress
Security grilles in progress

Our friendly customer services team are still currently taking new bookings, and answering any questions. Get in touch with us for a free estimate, and see whether it is the right time to upgrade to our discreet and aesthetic security grilles.