Security Grilles

Security Amidst Cost of Living Crisis

Autumn of 2022, just when we thought we are out of the uncertainties that surrounded the last falls of 2020 & 2021, we are faced with another challenge. This autumn, the cost of living crisis clouds over us. Most of us feel the squeeze on our finances. However it also comes with other undesirable consequences of increasing crime rates. Later in this article we will also look at how security grilles can counteract the negative effects of the economic recession.

In a recent report by well known insurer NFU mutual, countryside crime rates were looked at. They have found that since the onset of the cost of living crisis, rural crime rates have seen an increase compared to last year. With everyone becoming more desperate, thieves are also on the look out for any opportunities to make up for the rising cost of living. 

Residential security grilles
Residential security grilles

This tendency is not only present in agriculture, but also in businesses, and homes alike. Forecasts for the winter season are no more reassuring either unfortunately. Police are preparing for a rather intensive season with the darker nights drawing in rather soon. 

Security Grilles Preventing Burglary

The one and most effective solution in preventing a home or business being targeted by intruders is installing security grilles to the doors and windows of the property. This physical barrier will prevent them from being able to enter the house. Sliding security grilles will not only deter any attempt, but also pose a physical hurdle that thieves will want to avoid.