Security Grilles

How do you install a security grilles?

Our self installation security grilles are made to measure and come with all the necessary fixings and instructions. Simply follow these steps to install them:

First, drill the rails, mark the window recess where the rails will go, and also drill the window recess. Secondly, lift the rails and grille into the window recess and attach the top and bottom rails to the window recess. Thirdly, drill and screw the side fixings as well to the window recess. The final  step is to screw the corner fixings to attach the grille to the rail.

Self Installation Security Grilles
Self Installation Security Grilles

Our security grilles are the simplest grilles to measure and install DIY on the market. Although we are happy to come out and offer a premium fitting service, hundreds of pounds can be saved by following these steps at home. The only tool needed is a drill or a cordless screwdriver, which can be found in most homes anyway.

A very simple installation guide video can also be found on our website for additional visual aid. Also remember however, that our friendly customer services team is just a phone call away too. We are happy to assist with any technical questions that may arise during the installation.