How Secure Is Your Home? Safeguarding Your 2014

Whether you’re a first time home-owner or you’ve recently suffered from break-in; now is the time to secure both you and prized possessions to the highest of standards. All home-owners want to be safe in the knowledge that their homes are as safe & secure as possible, whether in or out of the home – but they won’t secure themselves!

You need to be proactive rather than reactive and start shopping around now; inputting an effective security system (broken locks and alarms that don’t work will not suffice). Suffering a break in is not only financially damaging but also very emotionally difficult as most tend to incessantly worry about their home and possessions thereafter. Domestic grilles are a competent way of protecting your home and making it as secure as possible.


Grilles, also known as collapsible or sliding security grilles, can be used on their own or in conjunction with other security measures such as alarms or manned guarding. The ultimate security measure is the input of retractable grilles. Even the initial appearance of the grilles is sure to fend off any intruders as they make a big statement of security, something a potential thief will see as a huge challenge therefore a hopefully inconceivable robbery. They are ideal for use in urban areas and particularly unsafe environments where the risk of burglary is high. Retractable security grilles are also a safer and more attractive alternative to fixed bars or roller shutters as they can be easily opened in the event of a fire or other emergency and slide back when not in use.

Don’t let your 2014 fall victim to thievery! To truly ensure it’s a Happy New Year visit our site to browse through our selection of top quality security grilles to get the year off to a safer start!

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