The Rise of Gold

Gold is a chemical element, but it is most commonly seen manifested in pieces of jewellery, religious artifacts or decorative objects. The reason for Gold being a popular choice when it comes to these types of objects is that it has a low melting point and a high malleability, which means it is easily manipulated. The precious metal has a universal value, is a commodity, and is perceived as a status symbol in many different cultures

The element is measured by its carat, which is the unit of purity for gold alloy, and because it is so rare, it is very expensive. Gold doesn’t tarnish, corrode, or deteriorate, in fact it always remains golden and shiny and requires no maintenance. The extraction costs alone are also very high, which is why it appears to retain its value. These attributes of the precious metal unfortunately means that it is extremely attractive to thieves and burglars alike.

Cultural Significance

Varied people and cultures view gold as a means of preserving their wealth through generations and often pass it on to their children. In the Indian culture, it is a common custom to offer gold as gifts at weddings. It even has religious significance for some, for example in the Hindu religion gold was associated with their gods. For this reason, some Hindus have gold religious artefacts stored in their homes. Burglars seemed to have realised this and are now targeting their homes.

Why Criminals Love Gold

The metal has a low melting point, therefore, it is easily melted down and transformed into different items. For example, a gold necklace could easily be melted down and subsequently turned into a bracelet, ring or other piece of jewellery.

This recyclable nature of Gold means that it can be sold effortlessly from person to person, and your treasured items can be completely turned into something completely unrecognisable once stolen, whilst retaining its value.

Due to this, there is always a high demand for gold, which is why it is used as a measure of currency. It is seen as a refuge, and a constant source of worth in a fairly unstable and ever changing economy. The price of gold actually went up by 10% at the beginning of 2014 and is expected to continue rising. A study has shown that as the price of gold increases, the number of burglaries increases. With the ever rising popularisation of companies giving out cash for sending in unwanted gold, shifting and selling gold is becoming easier and easier for the common criminal.

Grilles, Alarms and Lighting – Avoid Putting Your Valuables at Risk

Gold is unique, as it is something that retains great value, but it is not something that can be deposited into a bank account. Previously, some banks have offered a safety deposit box service, but almost all have stopped providing this as a regular service. This leaves people with no choice but to keep gold in their own home. Although you have access to it whenever you want, it also imposes a lot of risk.

A way to prevent the possibility of your house being approached to be burgled is sending out the right signals.

Alarm boxes

Installing alarm boxes on the front of your house, will show that your house is alarm protected, and immediately put off any home intruders scoping out properties.

Security Grilles

A security grille on the windows or doors or both, gives out the message loud and clear that this house is not one that you will be able to easily burgle successfully. Installing a grille creates a physical barrier between burglars and your possessions, and shows that breaking into your property in the first place will be a lot of effort and risk for them to go through. Criminals will always look for an easy target, too much effort involved and it will not be worth the jail time if they get caught.


Good and strong lighting in the areas around your property does a much similar job, meaning that criminals will be warded off from your property. Criminals tend not to and are less likely to go near or operate outside a house when they are lit up and can be seen by passers by.

Across the UK, tens of thousands of pounds worth of jewellery and gold is stolen from homes and residences. There has been a significant rise in burglaries of Asian homes specifically. Recently, £40,000 worth of gold jewellery was stolen from a home in Coventry. The police now recommend that houses address this with further security measures sooner rather than later, and thoroughly safeguard their homes to prevent any future loss of property.

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