Your House is a Home Not a Shop Window – Don’t Put Your Goods on Display This Christmas

We do not often have time over the Christmas period to stop and think about our home security. Some of us are so rushed off our feet we don’t even know what we are having for dinner! But the harsh reality is that there are criminals out there, who are looking for any opportunity to look into your house to see what you have to offer them. Putting gifts under the tree may look to you like a lovely Christmas image, but to thieves it is a mountain of gold with a tree sticking out the top of it. Especially as in recent years, gifts have strayed away from wooden toys and things like Yo Yo’s, and moved onto items such as iPads and high quality cameras. These can easily be resold by crooks for a tasty profit, so to them, breaking a window to get their hands on the goods is not much of an obstacle.

There are a few simple steps we can take to ensure that our houses are not targeted this Christmas, and make sure that the holiday season goes on without a hitch.

Close Your Curtains!

It may seem like an obvious security measure to take, but if you are going out in a rush, or going out in the daytime, we do not think about closing the curtains. If your gifts can be easily seen from an outside window, then they are at risk of being targeted by nefarious characters looking to literally steal your Christmas.

Invest In Home Security

If you do not have an alarm already, then investing in one this Christmas may be the best decision you make. It is all very well locking up your house nice and secure, but without an alarm, you are providing criminals with one less obstacle to taking your belongings.

If you are worried about how secure your doors and windows are, then investing in security grills may be the best option for you. These will undoubtedly be the most effective deterrent for crooks this festive season and can be folded away for your convenience. If you are interested in having a truly secure Christmas this year then look at Safeguard Security.

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