An Inconvenient Truth – Crime stats are not as they seem in the UK

A recent article in ‘Professional Security’ magazine detailed that the recent so called crime statistics in England and Wales, were manipulated to meet targets. With 45 years’ experience in the police and commercial security industry, the article written by Jim Gallon explains that this evidence released in November of last year, came to light through the recent testimony of former and currently serving police officers.

“Forces across England and Wales were routinely manipulating statistics, to meet targets”

Methods were implemented to ensure that the public would stay convinced that the level of crime was dropping in the UK. Examples of the methods used were things like reporting theft cases as ‘lost property’ and reporting attempted burglary as ‘criminal damage’.

This shows that the police are trying to edit the reality that crime statistics are not falling, but rather staying at the same level. This is an inexcusable attempt by the government to lull the general public into a false sense of security.

Additionally, the figures that the police release do not accurately reflect the amount of crimes in a different way. The figures do not take into account those people who do not report crimes once they have happened, for example out of fear, apathy or disbelief that the perpetrators will be caught.

But have no fear. Even though figures are being manipulated to make governments appear to be reducing crime rates when they are actually staying the same, there are measures you can take to ensure that you do not become another crime statistic.

Install Your Own Security Grille

If you are living in an area that has been or could be affected by crime, installing a security grille is an extremely sensible measure to take in crime prevention. The security grilles work to prevent criminals from approaching your property, and is a physical barrier between them and successfully breaking into your home. You can purchase your own security grille today from Safeguard Security.

Talk to Your Neighbours

Talking to your neighbours about issues concerning thievery in your area can be a good way to prevent crime. Although neighbourhood watches already exist, these are only truly effective when you really pull together and keep an eye on the neighbourhood.

When addressing the issue of home security, Safeguard Security are here to help. Take a look at our website and our security products that will protect your possessions against thieves.

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