Keeping your family safe – Home security for the elderly

With the levels of crime on the rise, it is becoming more difficult than ever to keep homes safe. Burglars are searching for new points of entry, and will find any opportunity to take advantage of a person’s negligence. Forgetting to close the window one night can have disastrous consequences, burglars often observe a house for a few days to identify patterns in behaviour. They will know when a car has been moved or when the house is vacant, they will use this to their advantage which makes  it significantly more important to take precautions to keep your home safe. Although this is second nature for some people, the older generation struggle with protecting their homes and are therefore targeted by burglars.


Why are the elderly targeted?

Having grown up in an era where doors were left unlocked and neighbours welcomed, the elderly are accustomed to their old ways of living. They find it difficult to adapt to new precautions that they must take and find setting a security alarm every time they leave the house to be burden. They can often forget and then feel overwhelmed by all the things that they need to remember. Burglars have recognised this and are now targeting the elderly.

They also tend to live in older styled houses which again can be an invitation for a burglar. These houses often have a weaker structure, with creaky windows and unstable locks. This makes it very easy for a burglar to locate a point of entry into the house. The older generation are quite happy to rely on a door chain for security and find it difficult to adapt to any new form of technology.


How can they keep their homes safe?

Apart from doing things such as locking doors and windows, one of the most popular options is to have security grilles installed on windows and doors. This creates a physical barrier between you and burglar, which can be a means of deterring them from the property. These security grilles are easy to install and are commonly seen in care homes due to their effectiveness. They allow windows to be kept open without having to worry about somebody breaking in. This can be especially useful during summer when the heat can be quite overwhelming indoors.

Security grilles are low maintenance, once they are installed, that’s it. This allows people to go about their daily lives whilst feeling safe. They are highly recommended for the elderly because they are a great means of protection.

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