Protect your Gadgets: Shocking Revelations Selling Stolen Mobile Phones

Recent investigations undertaken by the BBC this year have uncovered the shocking truth of how easy it is in London and the UK, to sell a stolen mobile phone. An undercover investigator visited different phone shops and electrical goods sellers to sell a stolen phone, and the findings were astonishing.

It was found that many of the shops visited, were happy to accept a phone that was being sold to them by the undercover BBC investigator, even though they were aware that it was stolen. This attitude and lack of interest in bringing thieves to justice is allowing criminals all over the UK to make a quick profit. The phones being sold to these shops have, in many cases, either been stolen from a property, or pick pocketed from an unsuspecting victim.

In some cases, the shop owner would give the criminal advice on how to remain undetected – in one instance the shop owner was reported as telling the supposed criminal to quickly remove the SIM card to remain undetected.

Figures from the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit support the fact that mobile phone crime is an ever present struggle in the UK, and claim that there are over a quarter of a million to 300,000 cases of mobile phone theft per year. In London, the figures work out as approximately 8 mobile phones being stolen per day.

These figures are worrying to say the least, but thankfully there are a few security measures that we can all put in place, to ensure that we do not fall foul of these mobile phone criminals:


Home Security

If you are living in a city within the UK, for example London, burglaries can sometimes be more common in certain areas. With properties leading right out onto the street, windows and doors can easily be broken into, goods can be stolen and a quick getaway swiftly achieved. Installing security grilles into your home can be an extremely effective way to prevent this from happening. The presence of the grille alone can be enough to deter a criminal from any ‘smash and grab’, whilst the durability and strength of the grille will help to stop the window or door being breached by force.


Personal Security

It is advisable to keep your mobile phone, wallet, keys or general valuables in a zip or a buttoned pocket. This pocket should be around the front of your body and easily monitorable. This will help to prevent anyone falling foul of a pickpocket, who tend to operate in built up cities and tourist areas.

If you would like to keep your possessions safe from intruders, contact Safeguard Security today, and we can assist you in strengthening your home security.

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