Retractable Security Grilles

Summer, Ventilation & Security Grilles

It is difficult to talk about anything else these days with such record high temperatures. We may all find it very difficult to sleep with closed windows. During the night when the temperature finally cools down a little bit. We all get tempted to open the windows for some fresh air. Security however might be a cause for concern without security grilles on, especially in ground floor rooms.

Sliding security grilles for ventilation

Window and door security grilles are indeed the perfect solution for this problem. They can be deployed during the night. This allows homeowners to sleep with their windows wide open, whilst still feeling safe. Yet, they can be drawn back during the day when they are not required. Easy to hide them behind and discretely.

No obtrusive looking boxes or frames built on the outside of the property like with roller shutters. They are very discrete and elegant. Our retracting security grilles were specifically designed with appearance in mind.  Sliding security window grilles not only look professional and discrete on a home. They also deter potential intruders from selecting that particular property in the first place. 

Patio door security grilles
Patio door security grilles

Thankfully such a solution is just a phone call, or a few clicks away. We manufacture made to measure security grilles. They will perfectly fit no matter what size window or door you have. We offer supply only security grilles. These come with detailed instructions and all the necessary fittings for those who enjoy a little DIY.  However a premium fitting service is also available. We recommend these for people who may need some help with fitting their sliding security grilles.

Helpful videos, and measuring guides are also available on our website to support our customers’ experience. This make everything as easy and smooth as possible. Our friendly customer services team are also available to answer any questions. Should any questions arise with any quotes, fitting, or other technical questions. 

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