Window Security Grilles

Are window grilles effective? 

It may sound surprising to most people, but summer time is actually a peak time for burglaries. Between June and August there is an approximately 10% increase in burglaries compared to early autumn months for example. The simplest reason for  this is because of the holidays that people take during these months. Homes being abandoned for longer time periods obviously call for an attractive season for burglars.

Summer of 2022 is especially a sensitive time. If we think about it, this is the first proper summer when people feel comfortable to travel again. We can finally travel without any restrictions after the dreaded and long drawn out Covid 19 pandemic. The airports are certainly experiencing an unprecedented influx of holiday makers, and struggle to keep up. This however also means unprecedented numbers of abandoned homes at the same time. 

Window Security Grille
Window Security Grille

Do not be fooled by police and government figures that may not show such an obvious increase. We have previously touched upon this interesting phenomenon in a recent blog post. This may happen because of a number of factors.

Firstly, as burglars are getting smarter and more experienced, many of them do not get caught. Hence a shortfall in the actual convictions, which dilutes the figures. Secondly, there are other crimes committed during a burglary, for example a car theft or altercation. These incidents may be classed under a different category, other than “burglary”. This can also significantly skew the statistics. 

Security Grilles for Windows & Doors

Having spent over 25 years in the security industry, we are always of the opinion that trouble is best prevented in the first place. Retractable security grilles are effective in a number of ways. The sight of security grilles on a home will most likely deter any attempt of burglary. They prove to be too complicated to start fiddling with.

Window and door security grilles also add a physical barrier therefore strengthening any potential entry points into a home. They can also be discreetly retracted, and easily hidden behind the curtains when not required. Window grilles are also very effective to keep rooms perfectly safe whilst letting fresh air circulating during summer months. Can even  sleep with open windows all night. 

We always say it is so much easier, and significantly cheaper to install security grilles now. It is certainly more expensive having to fix the damages and replace the valuables, once a burglary took place. Something to think about before going away on holiday!