Our new Multi-Lock is a high security, multi-point locking mechanism that was developed by Safeguard Security to our own design.

It replaces a two point locking mechanism that used a standard Euro Profile cylinder. Over recent years there have been a well-publicised spate of burglaries, where this type of lock has been compromised by simply snapping the cylinder in two.

The following is taken from a Police website:

This is where the lock cylinder is literally snapped in two by applying force to the cylinder. Thieves have devised methods of snapping these types of cylinders locks in a matter of seconds and still be able to operate the lock to open the door. Take a look at just how easy it is to snap a cylinder here.

As well as cylinder snapping, there are many other ways of compromising a cylinder. A quick search of You Tube will enable anyone to use bump keys, rake keys, plug spinners and a wide variety of lock picking devises. All of these can be used to break into any door in seconds.

Our new Multi-Lock does not use a cylinder and cannot be attacked in this way. It has recently been rigorously attack tested in an independent test facility.