Window Security Grilles

Are window grilles outdated?

Window grilles will never be outdated unless burglaries become outdated. They look very neat and elegant on a property as long as they are made by a professional company. Window security grilles may even add desirable design features to a property, when done professionally. Window grilles convey a sense of security, and a home well looked after.

On the practical side of things however, window grilles are still the most effective security measure in burglary prevention. In this article we will investigate current demands and how window grilles measure up against them. We will look at design as well as practical aspects.

Elevating Design Features

These days, aesthetics play a key role when designing retractable security grilles. They not only serve security purposes, they also elevate a property’s outlook. Window grilles are easy to hide and keep behind curtains when not needed. However, when they are deployed, window security grilles are designed to look nice and unobtrusive. Unlike protruding roller shutters, concertina window security grilles come in neat designs and white powder coated finish. 

Window and door grilles
Window and door grilles

Retractable window security grilles don’t only look and feel neat. In practice, they are also very light weight, and smooth to operate. Furthermore they also need very little maintenance, and they last for decades. This is due to the fact that they are made of light weight aluminium. Aluminium is not only durable, but also rust proof. 

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, window grilles still protect against burglary most effectively out of all the current modern security solutions. Window and door security grilles still remain the best choice in terms of preventing burglaries. The sight of security grilles simply deters burglars from even trying to enter a property.

Window grilles are not outdated

Neither by style, nor by use. Stylistically, they elevate the look of a property. Whilst in practice, they are still the most effective preventative security measure on the market out of all the security methods.