Retractable Window Security Grilles

Burglaries At Their Peak During Autumn

Long standing crime rate tendencies clearly show a peak every autumn as the nights get longer and darker. Therefore it is a crucial time to revisit the security measures for the long, dark months ahead. Let’s look at our best recommendations, and discuss how retractable window and door security grilles can protect homes in these times.

Longer and Darker Nights

In the autumn, the clocks go back, and it starts to get darker a lot sooner. Of course, darkness is a housebreaker’s best friend. Surprisingly,  break-in statistics tend to score even higher during the autumn period than December. Even though December is a highest-risk month for a property, due to the holidays season. However seeing retractable window and door security grilles on a home, thieves are most likely to simply move on. They won’t even try that house. Security grilles make their job way too complicated and loud, to risk getting caught trying to cut through sturdy metal grilles.

Economic and Political Uncertainty

Darker nights in the autumn also coupled with the energy crisis, and still quite adverse economic environment is likely to spike property crime rates even further. Energy prices, food and other commodity prices have seen significant increases in recent months. Furthermore the political scene also remains uncertain, with the ongoing Russian war. This further weakens an already uncertain economy. It also further deteriorates peoples’ sense of security. This can only mean one thing. People who are desperate, are even more desperate in times like this. 

Retractable Security Grilles

Retractable window and door security grilles are still considered the most effective preventative security measure against break-ins. Contrary to modern security cameras and alarm systems, concertina security grilles actually prevent and stop burglars entering a home. Installing additional layers of sturdy physical barriers at each potential entry point to a house, have always proved to be the ultimate solution preventing unwanted visitors.