The Safeguard Security Multi-Lock: How Can It Help You?

The Safeguard Security Multi-Lock is designed to keep your property safe, secure and shielded from risk. Designed and manufactured in November 2012, our Safeguard Security Multi-Lock system has since experienced great success within the security industry. In turn, our unique Multi-Lock has made family homes, properties and businesses safe from the threat of break-ins.

Reassuring our customers, the Safeguard Security Multi-Lock has recently passed a strict Industry Attack Test. In order to pass this test locks must undergo a simulated attack, where a variety of tools commonly used by burglars, such as screwdrivers, glass cutters, knives and cable cutters are used in conjunction with soft body impacts of up to 30kg. This test is used to assess the strength and durability of security measures, such as the Safeguard Security Multi-Lock. Passing the Industry Attack Test successfully, our Multi-Lock is known for its superior level of security and unique design.

According to experts, a conventional door lock can be snapped, bumped, picked and broken into in under 40 seconds. In some cases, burglars have even managed to snap a conventional cylinder lock in just 15 seconds! This just goes to show how vulnerable many properties are in the UK and demonstrates how important impenetrable locks, such as the Multi-Lock from Safeguard Security are for safety.

What is the secret to the success of the Multi-Lock?

The Multi-Lock, unlike a conventional Euro Cylinder lock, does not contain a cylinder that can be snapped, bumped or picked. Instead, the Safeguard Security Multi-Lock has 500,000 combinations, making it impossible to pick. Moreover, only one key is issued per postcode for each Multi-Lock, making it completely unique and impossible to copy!

In addition to the prevalent security advantages, out Multi-Lock has the added benefit of being accessible. When a Multi- Lock is used in a tall security grille or kitchen window, the lock is situated towards the bottom of the grille, making it easy to reach.

When owning a property, safety is a priority – whether it’s your family home, business or building estate. Safeguard security are dedicated and committed to providing the best level of protection for our customers against break-ins and criminal activity. Therefore, we have designed an innovative and secure solution; the Multi-Lock.

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