Crime In Your Postcode Area Revealed

Interactive maps at Safeguard Security are used to reveal the approximate amount of criminal incidents reported to the police in a chosen location. The interactive map allows you to explore and compare crime levels and determine how many criminal incidents occur in your local area each month.

To use, simply enter the postcode or place name that you would like to review. Once you have selected your chosen location the interactive map will update you with how many criminal incidents were reported in your area. You are also provided with information regarding the police service in the the area and contacts information for your local police team. From here you can delve deeper, by exploring the crime map.

Each highlighted circle represents a specific location in which a criminal offence has been reported. Within each circle is a number, this defines exactly how many crimes have been reported in the pinpointed area. Simply click on each highlighted location to find out more details about the criminal offences.



How can the postcode crime checker be used to reduce crime in your neighbourhood?

As a community, you can asses the crime levels in your borough or district and compare with similar locations. Using the information provided by the postcode crime checker, you can work together to reduce the crime in your neighbourhood.  Although we don’t like to talk about crime levels in our areas, burglary, theft and other crimes are growing in some areas in the UK. To help, here are some simple steps that you, as a resident, can work with your neighbours to reduce crime in your area:

1. Join a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Neighbourhood Watch schemes work to increase security and reduce the incentive to commit crime. These committees also help to make neighbourhoods a friendly and pleasant place to live. Neighbourhood Watch is an organised group of residents who work together to prevent crime within a neighbourhood. In turn, the community agrees to keep ‘watch’ of each other’s properties.  You can quickly and effortlessly find your nearest Neighbourhood Watch group, use the Neighbourhood Watch postcode search and follow the site to contact your local scheme.

2. Get Organised and Teach

As an organised community, you can work together to mentor and educate the young people living in your area who need positive input from adults. By providing young adults with information about crime in your area and how it can affect others, you can help raise awareness and empower the younger generation to make informed choices about crime in their community. Youth crime prevention programmes can involve both the young individuals, parents and families and provide each person with the skills to spot potential situations in which a criminal activity could occur and how to stay out of trouble.

3. Stay Safe When You’re Away

If you’re going away for the weekend or a little longer, always make sure that your home looks as if someone is living it. To do this, you can set automatic timer-switches to turn lights on at night. You can also use the ‘Keepsafe’ service provided by the Royal Mail. With this service you can avoid an ever growing pile of post advertising your absence, as the Royal Mail hold on to your mail for up to 66 days.  When going away for an extended period of time you should also ensure that your windows and doors are strong and secure, consider fitting a Multi-Lock security grille for complete security.

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