Domestic Security Grille

Domestic Security Grilles – Pros and Cons

Still thinking about whether to install security grilles? We have gathered the most important pros and cons to consider about domestic security grilles.

Firstly, by acting as a physical barrier for intruders, sliding security grilles provide high level of security against burglary and theft. It is also important to mention, that they also act as a visual deterrent as thieves tend to move on as soon as they spot a potential home with security grilles installed.

Domestic Security Grilles
Domestic Security Grilles

They are also great for safeguarding children, and preventing them from climbing through windows. Windows can be left open safely without risking any accidental falls. Similarly, safe ventilation is also a great advantage that comes with sliding security grilles. Whilst children cannot climb out, intruders also cannot get in.

Many people fear however that in case of an emergency, fixed window grilles may pose an obstruction for quick access. Retracting security grilles however, have proven a better option in such scenarios.

On the negative side, security grilles are difficult to reuse, as they are made to measure for every window and door individually. Once moving from a property, they cannot simply be moved to a new home like a piece of furniture. Surprisingly however, they are not as difficult to order and nor they are as costly as they first may seem to be. Only need to measure the new dimensions, and require a few basic tools for the self installation option. In most cases however they are professionally fitted that makes it even more convenient.

Finally, once retractable security grilles are installed, they will inevitably require a minimum level of maintenance and basic cleaning every now and again, in order to ensure smooth sliding, clean window surfaces and grilles long term, and that the key is not lost, etc. On the other hand however, nicely designed sliding domestic security grilles may improve a property’s exterior, and even raise its resale value. A sleek design can add a decorative touch to the outside of the house, with a modern twist to it. Security grilles therefore not only keep a home secure, but does it in style!