Are Security Grilles Worth it

Are Security Grilles Worth it?

Retractable security grilles provide the most effective protection on a property, from numerous aspects. They are still one of the most economic, yet most effective solutions against burglary, that also still look discreet and elegant on any home or commercial property.

Office (business) door security grilles

The role of door security grilles in avoiding burglars attention

The role of door security grilles in avoiding burglars attention According to the Office of National Statistics, 2 in 100 residential properties were burgled in the previous year. It is also often quoted that in the UK there is a burglary being committed every 108 seconds. As shocking as these numbers are, we find that proactive measures tend to work better than …

Domestic Security Grille

Domestic Security Grilles – Pros and Cons

Still thinking about whether to install security grilles? We have gathered the most important pros and cons to consider about domestic security grilles. Firstly, by acting as a physical barrier for intruders, sliding security grilles provide high level of security against burglary and theft. It is also important to mention, that they also act as a visual deterrent as thieves …

Office Security Grilles

Office Security Grilles Manufactured in the UK

With the recent economic uncertainties the UK has seen inevitable increase in crime rates too. Apart from homes however, very often businesses are also targeted by burglars, due to higher value items being on display, and often not appropriately secured. weather they be computers, laptops, other electronic devices, designer items, or jewelleries, these items are easy and ideal targets for …

Window Security Grilles

Crime rate figures and the ultimate answer: Security Grilles

It is highly recommended to keep an eye on the crime rates in your area every few months, it is best to stay updated with what is happening in our neighbourhood. However, when we look a little deeper behind the crime rates, we may find that even crime rates are not always as straightforward as we would think. We will …