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Safeguard retractable security grilles have a modular design allowing the customer to choose the level of security within the budget available.

Security Grille Options

  • Choice of locking systems Cam-Lock and Multi-Lock (see below)
  • Face fixed and Recess fit options.
  • Lift-out track for entrances and fire exits (Not LPS1175 Approved).
  • Insurance Approved Security Grille.
  • Low-Profile Track 15mm tall for easier access and less of a tripping hazard
  • Trackless Barrier System
  1. Uprights – Aluminium or steel (for LPC1 security grilles), 1.5mm gauge, double channel.
  2. Lattice Decks – Aluminium or steel (for LPC1 security grilles), 3.0mm gauge, round edge flat section.
  3. Overlapping Locking Profiles – Overlap for additional security against forced entry.
  4. Top and Bottom Track with lift-out option – Standard Aluminium 30mm high x 45mm wide designed for ease of cleaning.



  • Two radial pin tumbler cam-locks, unobtrusively encased in uprights
  • Overlapping profile to resist attack
  • Very slim profile that takes up minimal room when grille is open and drawn back
  • 125,000 different key combinations
  • Keys suited for multiple grilles in your property



  • Designed by Safeguard Security in 2012, this lock is used in our LPS 1175 level 1 attack tested grille (see below)
  • The lock sections have multiple locking positions with a single key operation
  • High security radial pin tumbler lock
  • 500,000 different key combinations
  • Keys suited for multiple grilles in your property
  • No cylinder – cannot be snapped or picked

LPC1 Insurance Approved Grille

  • Our strongest grille has passed the latest LPCB attack test (LPS 1175 level 1 issue 7)
  • Our LPC1 security grille is approved by insurance companies and offers optimal window and door security
  • Safeguard Security LPC1 grilles are suitable for both commercial and domestic installations depending on the construction of the building
  • Steel uprights and lattice
  • Uses the attack tested Multi-Lock
  • Supplied and installed with one-way security fixings.
  • 7mm stainless steel rivets (5mm mild steel on our other grilles)

Runners & Tracks

  • The standard aluminium track has an arrowhead to accept the runner which clicks on and is retained on the track
  • Our Low-profile track is 15mm tall and has a grove in the middle for the pins to easily slide along
  • No wheels – cannot be pulled off the track and no maintenance required
  • Very smooth operation, our grilles slide with one finger


Safeguard Security grilles are finished with a white polyester coating over rust proof primer for maximum durability and deterrent visibility.